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                                   English Study Tour and Summer Camp Programs


Industry specific Study tours

   Industry Specific Study Tours

If you are a Nursing group we will explore hospitals, clinics and various traditional and alternative medicine practictioners.  We have the support of a regional Nursing Placement Coordinator opening up opportunities in country Victoria.
If you are a media studies course we will visit media centres and have reporters and media managers as guest speakers
For environmental management we have one of the strongest National Park networks in the world.  Visit some wonderful parks and talk to rangers in the field including indigenous rangers
For teacher training we have well developed training programs which allow for placement in high schools, primary schools and ESL language classes.
For astronomy students we visit Mt Stromlo and a number of world class facilities around Canberra
For Australia studies we can give you time in the cities as well as a welcoming country community
For communication studies we have our own expert staff in English and in communication skills while offering the chance for a mobile classroom to explore people, Australia and life.  There are many unique multicultural groups and experiences that can be included.
For Performing Arts we have a strong partnership with Australian Musical Theatre, a strong base in Melbourne and Sydney with world class venues and performers.
language schools while our programs have significant advantages over most such programs including range and quality of tours included; qualifications of teaching staff; and specialised experience with study tours.
If you want time with a university department we can arrange that.  An 8 week program can have 4 weeks based on teaching at a university department and 4 weeks field based.  Our programs will have more variety, more specialisation and more interactive sessions with wonderful tours led by staff with greater specialisation in these areas.  Your program will be cheaper and better than if you work through a university directly.
Study tours and group programs are all that we do.  We specialised in these areas.  You will enjoy the benefits of such experience.
Personal Experience:  Our Principal develops a personal relationship with all our clients taking time to visit your school or university.  We want to develop programs that can be an primary part of your university or College international offering to your students.  Such programs should be inspiring, unique, rewarding and challenging.  We are all about growing friendship and cooperation in university or college cohorts.  All programs look to extend self confidence, leadership and English skills.. 


All photos taken by our students or staff on tours and experiences led by our staff.