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                                   English Study Tour and Summer Camp Programs


"English camp was very fun. Because teacher are very kind and activity was exciting. So I want to go to Australia again!" (Kim-Gyu Jin;)

"I am very happy because my experience and English was improve and my friendship was stronger"
(Lee in Pyo)

"I think study tour was very happy and fun. Because many teachers helped study tour fun. And study tour make stronger
friendships" (Kim Han Ul;)

"Hi teacher Jo. I’m Amy. I learned about many things, thank you." 
(Kim Joeun; Amy)

"I made stronger friendship. And I was so happy because Jeff’s daughter was very cute" (Jeong da Yun; Esther).

 "Jo and Stuart teacher! You very good teachers. Thank you very much. Peter and Rita! Yours very kind and great. I love you!"…It was very happy (Park Hee-Jin)

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 I want to say 'Thank You!'. It was a great study tour and I will remember it. "English is just the beginning" Yes, you're right. The children from St. Mary's got your message and they might make their various and great future on the basis of experiences in Australia. ... I hope you have more Korean study tours including ours. I know you have a great passion about your work and students. I know we had a great experience  
(Kim Ju Hye, Teacher St Mary's Sth Korea)

"We had a wonderful time in Australia.  I strongly recommend parrents to take tour for their children" (To Thii Lai - Counsellor Vietnam)

"I think this trip is a great trip for the students.  After this trip students will be more confident, more experienced and know more about Australia.." (Dan Thuy Dao Vy - Counsellor, Vietnam)

Teacher/Leader feedback

Here is feedback from our study tour in January 2011. It includes comments from all 33 students, age 10-11 from St Mary’s Elementary, Daejeon, South Korea. Feel the benefits far beyond the two to five week program:Our study tours are not just about the 2-5 weeks spent with us. It is about creating a love of English and motivation to study harder and improve their English over the coming months and years.

"All students felt that their English had improved while here at least a little!":

"32 out of 33 students stated that that they would "try hard to improve their English over the next 12 months."

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Student survey results

Student comments

Comments on homestays
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Student Feedback

Student survey results

Student comments

Student feedback from May 2013 program

Average rating of study tour by all students 10 out of 10!
100% thought that their English had improved with 75% of students writing that their English had improved "a lot"
100% found that their confidence to speak English had improved.
100% found that they spoke English outside the class sometimes or quite a lot.
81% felt that their self confidence had improved
100% found that their leadership and independence skills better than when they arrived.
100% had a a positive home stay experience with friendly home stays.
(This was achieved on a seven day program).