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               World College Australia


                                            English Study Tour and Summer Camp Programs

1. People:
Our staff are highly qualified and highly specialised at working with high school study tours and international students. Whether it is the qualifications and experience of our ESL teachers, the most experienced tour guide team in Australia for international student tours or our experienced high school teachers, we have a wonderful staff. Our staff are united in creating the best study tour experiences in Australia.

2. Programs:
Our programs feature quality tours and out of class learning opportunities throughout our study tours. Other schools look to have a teacher walk you around Melbourne where as our programs take you on private buses to the most exciting tour and cultural exchange activities in and out of Melbourne. The program design and how programs are run are unique in Australia.

3. Experience:
Our staff have worked with more than 20,000 international students and more than 60 study tours. We specialise in study tours for high school and university students. Our programs are designed totally for that purpose.

4. English Outcomes:
100% of students attending English Study Tours in 2012-13 have reported that they felt that their English has improved, (source: Student feedback surveys). 

We set high standards of outcomes for English with opportunities to create Power points, give oral presentations, present in front of an audience of teachers and home stay parents, create souvenir booklets and to work with various video and computer technology. The focus is on confidence with English and enjoyment. Students generally go home with a greater motivation to study and learn English with ongoing long term benefits. (Outcomes and tasks are adapted to group size, English level, age, duration of study tour and student ability)

5. Leadership, personal development and friendship outcomes:
For 15 years our Principal has been associated with developing and running programs specifically designed to grow leadership, personal development and friendships for international students. Students are empowered and nearly always respond very positively to that challenge. We have a very experienced staff in this area.

6. Community English:
Our programs offer a wide range of opportunities to meet Australians in real community settings with great chances for student to interact and talk with different Australians with the support of their teachers.

7. Safety:
The safety record of our key staff is probably unmatched in Australia. Over 20,000 international students looked after and brought home safely with nothing more than cuts or bruises suffered by students under our duty of care. This safety record has been achieved over a 15 year period taking students as young as 8 years old all over Australia.  LEAP English Australia and World College Australia have a perfect safety record at the time of publishing.

8. Our Principal:
Our Principal has worked with international students for 15 years. He has a Master of TESOL and a Master of Teaching (Secondary). He has pioneered a number of teaching innovations in out of class learning, leadership programs and experiential learning for international students and has been a guest presenter at the English Australia and Victorian TESOL conferences in these areas. He was opening speaker at the International Study Tour Conference in Hong kong.  He is absolutely passionate about the care and education of international students and is determined to continue to grow a wonderful team to keep on setting new benchmarks in the education of international students in Australia. He has committed to running this school until at least 2020 so that you can establish long term relationships with a trusted partner, educator and friend.

9. Our Guarantee:
We don’t just think we run the best English study tours in Australia. We guarantee it! We are probably the only school in Australia offering a money back guarantee if we do not succeed in doing so*. It is easy for marketing people to promise you the world and not quite deliver. This is our belief. This is our expectation. That is what you should get every time you join a program with us. *If we fail to give new customers complete satisfaction and their best study tour experience in Australia that they have ever had then we will refund $1000AUD on the program for the group. This is not marketing it is simply saying if you believe in what you are doing then you can back that up

10. Our Venues:
Most of our study tours are based at universities including the University of Melbourne and Australian National University (Australia's two topped ranked universities).

11. The Future:
We look to work with small numbers of clients to develop partnerships to build life changing opportunities for your students. To Principals, government education officials, local leaders and those who believe that the children are our future, we invite you to contact us to develop longer term immersion programs of English and life that can be included as a fortnight, a month, a term or a year in your school’s curriculum.
We are absolutely confident that our programs are and will be life changing in so many ways. Together in this global world let us work together to build a brighter future for your students. We have one of the most caring, versatile, experienced, innovative and motivated staff of whom we are very proud.

12. Our Two Principles:
We have only two guiding principals on our programs:
1. Be Safe
2. Respect (in every sense of the word)

13. Reach for the Stars:
We will continue to reach for the stars.

Why are we special!

Average rating of study tour by all students 10 out of 10!
100% thought that their English had improved with 75% of students writing that their English had improved "a lot"
100% found that their confidence to speak English had improved.
100% found that they spoke English outside the class sometimes or quite a lot.
81% felt that their self confidence had improved
100% found that their leadership and independence skills better than when they arrived.
100% had a a positive home stay experience with friendly home stays.
(This was achieved on a seven day program).

Student feedback from May 2013 program

Peter (10), talks about his study tour experience at the University of Melbourne