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Setting up Credit Programs for international Universities and Colleges

In an international world it makes sense for Universities and Colleges to offer a semester program overseas.  While this can be with a simple university exchange program there are much more exciting possibilities.

Our programs can include time at a university program here but our real expertise is in off campus learning. 

We will work with you to set up tailor made programs for your students with agreed assessment tasks and standards to give your students a once in a life time opportunity.

Imagine your English Teachers, Communications Skills Students or International Studies students spending 2 months at a campus here and then 2 months travelling Australia with their teachers with daily interactive tasks talking with and dealing with Australians right across Australia.

Marketing and Business students can experience business in operation, examine the marketing strategy and make contributions to improve it.  We can arrange partnerships with a range of industry so that students can have a varied experience.

Your hospitality students can visit 4-5 venues a week while travelling around Australia gaining inspiration and having the owners share their expertise and vision.  Many success stories have had their share of failure and adversity along the way.  To hear the stories of such people of the good and bad helps prepare your students.

We can set up programs for most courses but it will take some time to do so to put in place the right partners, guest speakers and to match it to your needs. 

All programs will help grow independence, leadership and self confidence while bringing students together as a cohort.

Programs can be taught by our staff or can be a partnership with you sending one or more staff along.

A Semester course could be run over a traditional 4-5 months or could be condensed into a 3 month period.

World College is not looking to the be the biggest and so we will keep the number of programs and clients strictly limited.  We want to build life changing partnerships for your students.

It gives the opportunity for your University or College to offer truly unique opportunities and programs for your students that will not be available to any other University or College in your country.

Our staff have worked with more than 20,000 international students and have taken more than 1000 tours and programs especially designed and run for international students.

Our programs can be run for same price or less than simple University exchange programs.

Our staff include a strong ESL department.

We are all for idealism in education.  Let us work together to help your students reach their full potential.  To produce outstanding leaders you need to give them outstanding experiences and opportunities.  There is no time when we will say that our programs are good enough.  We will constantly strive for further improvement.  To drive positive humanity and social change we need to inspire our students to aim higher and to grow themselves and their skills.

World College Australia stands for innovation, care, vision and growing unique programs.  Most of all, World College Australia is about the students.

Peter Russell
MTeaching, M TESOL, BSC, BA (Uni of Melbourne)
World College Australia

All photos taken by our students or staff on tours and experiences led by our staff.