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Early days for our Charity Work

World College Australia is committed to growing opportunities for students who may have fewer choices due to poverty or other factors.

World College is proud to have donated $1000AUD to Nhom Tre in Vietnam for education and food projects for needy children and families in 2013.  This is a statement of intent on our part.

Our Parent company L.E.A.P English Australia has donate more than $3600 to the young family of a former member of staff who died of cancer in 2014.  This support is ongong.  $2000AUD was also raised in 2015 to help train African Midwives.

The success of World College will be measured by what we can give back not what we can take.  By bringing your study tours through World College you are contributing to an organisation committed to growing opportunities for poorer students in developing countries.   As we grow, our contributions will also grow.

To touch the life of a young person in a positive way whether for a moment, or a lifetime, is such a privilege.

World College has a strong social conscience.  Thank you for supporting us so that we can support others.


Peter Russell


World College Australia

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